Founded in 2005, we began our first generation farming endeavor on a 135 acre farm in central Pennsylvania. We began growing our beef cattle herd, and farmed approximately 1000 acres of crops.

In 2019, in the interest of being closer to family and farm country, we moved to eastern Iowa and brought our beef herd along. We wanted to create an environment for dad to earn a living and at the same time be able to work alongside our growing family of boys. We settled onto a 5000 space pig farm in the heartland of Iowa hog country.

We now have about 70 head of beef cattle, primarily Red Devon and Black Angus. Our cattle are grass-fed and grain free. We rotationally graze our pastures in the summer and our cows get moved twice a day. Our nicest heifers stay on the farm as replacements, and our steers are fattened and marketed to local restaurants.

We also broker hay and straw for local farmers and from surrounding states. We enjoy working with “specialty-market” folks like the Amish community, chemical- free farmers, and organic farmers.

Jim & Rachel were active members of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, with 12 years of time served in various positions, such as Young Farm & Rancher state committee, Legislative committee and county board members. Jim & Rachel were 2007 winners of the Young Farmer & Rancher Achievement Award. They are now members of the Iowa Farm Bureau and hope to become involved here as well.


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