combine and tri-axle grain truck

Custom Haymaking

We have 2 fleets of haymaking equipment, which means when our customers call, we arrive on time and get the job done with efficiency. We are committed to making the highest quality hay possible. After 12 years experience in the haymaking business, our guys are experts at making judgement calls on dry hay.

combine and tri-axle grain truck

Custom Harvesting

When we’re not busy with our own work, we combine corn, wheat and beans for local farmers in and around Juniata County. Many of our customers rely on us year after year.

loader tractor and spreader

Custom Manure Hauling

JimRay Farms is a certified Pennsylvania manure broker/hauler; we broker and haul thousands of tons of manure each year. Contact us about off-season hauling and stacking of manure. Regular rates can be negotiated for flexible delivery of large orders.

truck load of hay


Almost 100% of our crop is delivered within a 100 mile radius. With the exception of imported hay, we personally inspect and deliver every load we sell. We take pride in not only growing the crop, but following through with delivery and chatting with the customer to ensure his satisfaction. We feel this personal “touch” is important in building and maintaining an exceptional reputation.

truck load of hay

Hay Brokering

In addition to marketing and trucking all of our own crops, we also broker hay and straw for local PA farmers and from surrounding states. We enjoy working with “specialty-market” folks like the Amish community, chemical-free farmers, and organic farmers. Jim is a master in his field when it comes to making sound, high quality hay; so much so that we offer a 100% guarantee on every load we sell. We’ve recently started importing hay from out West, which gives us more variety to serve our customer’s needs.