Founded in 2005 we are first generation farmers on a family owned 135 acre farm in Juniata County. We board cattle, grow approximately 1000 acres of crops and truck our ag commodities to market.

On the home farm, we board over 200 head of beef cattle, primarily Red Devon and Black Angus. Our cattle are grass-fed and grain free. We keep our 135 acres in pasture for rotational grazing and in the summer our cows get moved twice a day. We wean our bull calves about 9 months old and move them to another rented farm to fatten. Our heifers stay on the farm as replacement heifers.

We currently rent about 1000 acres for organic hay, corn and other forages. We also broker hay and straw for local PA farmers and from surrounding states. We enjoy working with “specialty-market” folks like the Amish community, chemical- free farmers, and organic farmers. We retail our own crops and truck every load we sell.

We are a certified broker/hauler of organic grains such as corn, soybeans, oats, wheat and rye. If we don’t grow it ourselves, we know someone who does.

JimRay Farms is a certified Pennsylvania manure broker/hauler; we broker and spread thousands of tons of manure each year. We also deal in compost, mushroom soil and hi-cal lime, all of which are organically approved. Call us for your bedding needs as well; we deal in straw, sawdust and corn fodder on a truckload basis.

JimRay Farms

100 Groninger Valley Road

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